World snooker champion Muhammad Asif dedicated his victory to Kashmir

Muhammad Asif just returned back after Marable victory

Champion at a glance:

In 1982 Muhammad Asif born in Faisalabad, and started looking for reasons that led him to worlds champion. One sure reason is his in born passion and other Muhammad Yusuf who shocked the world by becoming worlds snooker champion in 1994. Muhammad Asif was use to practices snooker in front of his house in an empty plot, day and night.

Asif won circuit matches for six years and qualified for 2012 championship in Bulgaria with his passion. When it’s time to fly, Asif did not have money to travel. Faisalabad snooker association donated jointly and deported Muhammad Asif to Bulgaria.

Asif also played like a champion and defeated Gary Wilson of England in the final. Muhammad Asif become the first ever snooker champion.

At the 2019 turkey championship, Muhammad Asif did not have to raise funds due to some corporate kindness in the final, he defeated Jeffrey Rhoda of the Philippines 8-5.

Muhammad Asif said “it was not an easy tournament for me. But I had to win this champion for both Pakistan and Kashmir

He further added “thank ALLAH, he has accomplished so much success our people love us very much but there is no encouragement from the government. No wins alone, this is victory of the whole of Pakistan when the titles are named after my Kashmiri brothers and sisters.

Hopes with Muhammad Asif for future!

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