Now Nandan is part of museum

Karachi: Indian air force (IAF) pilot wing commander Nandan’s dummy has been installed inside Pakistan air force museum.

Anwar Lodhi, a Pakistani journalist on social media site twitter, just posted a picture of Nandan’s dummy and wrote that the Pak air force has just installed a Nandan’s dummy in its museum.

At the same time he wrote, if cup of fantastic tea had been put in Nandan’s hand, this dummy would have been even more interesting.

On the other hand, while watching the dummy of Nanad’s, where Pakistani are appreciated their airworthiness, India flames have been buzzing and the media has been spewing heartbreak.

According to the India today, Pakistani media and brands have misused Nandan’s and their teacup.

During this world cup a controversial advertisement was also issued by Pakistan showing the wing commander, who looks likes Nandan’s ,was wearing a cup in his hand.

According to media reports, the picture of Nandan which was made on a dummy was taken on February 27 this year, when the Pak air force had stabbed the Indian air force wing commander and destroyed only their MiG-21 luckily Nandan caught alive.

The Pakistani army bravely not only treated the prison well but also ensured his safer return on first march.

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