Regal automobiles Prince pearl hoping before 2020

The prince preals REX7 2019 modle is a joint venture by Pakistan regal automobiles and Chines Company. Prince Pearl is a three cylinder, front wheel drive car which comes with water cooled EFI, 796cc engine that produces 40hp at 5500 RPM and 60.5nm torque at 3500 RPM. The prominent features of Prince Pearl 2019 include LCD Screen, Spare Tire, Fog Lamps, Optional Airbag, Power Windows, Power Steering, Power Door Locks and warranty of 3 years or 60,000KM.


  • Hatchback Prince pearl will be launched in December 2019
  • Prince Pearl with fuel-efficiet 800cc engine and boasts an average of 18 km per hour fuel capacity of 27 liters.
  • It is also expected that the new Prince Pearl REX7 will come with both automatic and manual transmission.


Prince Pearl 2019 exterior supports a beautiful sporty look, with the enhanced front bumper and a wide shaped black grill. The front halogen headlamp units contain daytime running lights (DRLs). It is also equipped with 13-inch alloy rims adding to the overall sleek look.

 The front of the new hatchback has disc brakes, whereas the back has drum brakes. However, the car will come with booster brakes instead of ABS brakes.

LED turn signal lights are integrated into the side mirrors. These are powered and retractable. The door handles and side mirrors match the colour of the body. The vehicle stands apart from competition based on the design language, boasting many pronounced cuts and curves. Additionally, the ground clearance is substantial for the local roads.

It can be said that the Prince Pearl’s rear resembles the Suzuki Cultus.


Prince Pearl 2019 interior is as good as it can be. It has a sliver-black tone with some wooden work on the dashboard and interior of the doors. The interior includes power window, central locking, extremely beautiful LCD and power steering. The cushioning of the car is great and it can house 4 adults at a time.


Prince Pearl 2019 has a 796cc engine that produces 40hp at 5500 RPM and 60.5nm torque at 3500 RPM.


Prince Pearl mileage is expected to be 20KM/L in city and 22KM/L on highways.


The new hatchback will be available in pure white, Cairo gold, brown and pearl red color.


The competitors of Prince Pearl RE7 are United Bravo and Suzuki Alto.

Pre-Booking of Prince Pearl

There are 13 3s dealerships (Sales, Service & Spare Parts) for Prince Pearl across Pakistan where you can pre-book Prince Pearl.

 The car will be pre-booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. Pearl’s pre-bookings will end a week before the company starts distributing the cars.

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