Onions on way to Bangladesh after 30 years from Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan will export 300 tons of onion to Bangladesh after nearly 30 years of pause.

Officials of the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) relayed a Bangladesh firm has placed a 300 tons import order to Pakistan.

Bangladesh’s Tasho Enterprise has confirmed striking a deal with a Karachi-based Roshan Enterprise for the purpose. Bangladesh will import at least 12 containers of onion from Pakistan under the agreement.

Bilateral trade between the two countries has been growing slowly over the past years. During the eleven-year period between 2000–01 and 2010–11, Pakistan export to Bangladesh grew at an average annual rate of 27.6 percent and imports from Bangladesh grew at the rate of 9.2 percent.

Major Pakistani exports to Bangladesh include cotton, machinery, oil, plastics and mechanical appliances. Major Bangladeshi exports to Pakistan include textiles, agricultural products, leather footwear and other leather products.

The officials said Pakistan is likely to get more onion import orders from the country in view of India slapping a ban on export of vegetables to neighboring countries owing to a local shortage of essential Kitchen commodities because of floods.

According to reports, heavy rainfall in India wreaked havoc with onion produce throughout Indian onion growing states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Telangana, leading to an increase in the prices of the commodity and a ban on its export to meet local needs.

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