Windowless planes are coming soon

Touch screens will be attached to cameras outside which shows the real scene on every seat.

Most travelers on air travel often find themselves struggling to get a window seat and most travelers want a special window seat while boarding, so that they can enjoy altitude scenes on air travel. Could be.

In keeping with the intense desire of travelers, a British technology firm has planned to design future aircraft in such a way that the entire aircraft will be transformed into a panoramic view of the sky.

With this new technology, the aircraft’s windows will be removed in the future and the entire aircraft will be covered with an ‘LED’ touch screen, making each seat a kind of ‘window seat’.

These touch screens will be connected to the camera on the outside of the aircraft, offering real-time outdoor viewing on each seat, while passengers will be able to watch other programs through the entertainment system instead of scenes on the ‘OLED’.

If you don’t know about “OLED” then let’s say this is the abbreviation for “Organic Light Emitting Dude.” This means that it contains a thin film containing organic compounds that emit light when electricity is consumed.

This technology is being used in television, tablet computers, mobile phones and computer monitors. By the time these aircraft are actually manufactured, hopefully, more advanced and better LEDs will be on the market by then.

Here is a look:

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