Invention; tears will detect diabetes level in blood

Sao Paulo: Brazilian and American scientists have jointly developed a lens that can detect blood sugar in diabetic patients with eye moisture.

In order to measure blood sugar, a needle is usually extracted and placed on a glucometer. This traumatic process is repeated daily and therefore less painful procedures are needed. At times, infection can also occur in this way.

According to Lias Sanyatti Brasica, an engineer at Carlos Chemistry Institute in Brazil, there are many metabolites in the tears that can indicate blood quality. In this way, they can be used as an unconventional way of detecting blood sugar levels.

Experts have discovered ‘glucose oxidase’, an enzyme that can detect blood volume in the body, especially in tears.

In this way, tears can detect not only blood in the body but also low or high amounts of vitamins and alcohol. A biosensor has been developed for this, which shows a lack of glucose oxidase in the blood as a signal.

As tears flow over the pads, glucose oxidase affects the flow of electrons into the sensor, which can process artificial circuits and display them on smartphones or any other platform.

 The good thing is that it can also be detected by changing blood alcohol and vitamin deficiency. This way the patient can easily test diabetes at home.

It is clear that 38 million people around the world including Pakistan are suffering from this disease and by 2035 the number of diabetics worldwide will reach 58 million.

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