Recommendation: Not to Take Registration Fees On Mobile Phones From Abroad

The Senate Standing Committee suggested not to collect the registration fee from the users who bring in purchased phones from abroad.

As per the details, the Senate Standing Committee has opposed the mobile registration fee, while the Ministry of Information Technology is also in for the suggestion of abolishing the registration fee, however, the FBR officials are of the opinion that the mobile phone imports have surged owing to the registration

Senator Rehman Malik a member of the Information Technology Committee said that the students should be permitted to bring at least one mobile phone from abroad. He added that the duty of 4 million people would be paid if customs officials capture just one smuggling container.

The customs officials stated that the mobile fee has been decreased for personal use and commercial import. Back in the year 2018, the import of 10 million mobile phones resulted in a tax of Rs.28.50 billion, while in the first 4 months of this financial year, the import of 6.7 million mobile phones has got a tax of Rs.15 billion.

The committee was briefed that the imports of mobile phone have surged to 49 percent this year. The mobile phone imports totaled $397.7 million from the month of July to October. The imports during the same span last year were $26 million.

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