Pakistan Ranks Fourth in the World for Diabetes Prevalence

Pakistan ranks fourth in the world for diabetes prevalence. Thus, there is an urgent need to take emergency steps for the control and prevention of diabetes.

Head of the Federal Government Polyclinic Diabetes Department Dr. Sarwar Malik said that this ‘silent killer’ is known by abnormally high glucose levels in the blood.

At the World Diabetes Day seminar at the hospital Dr. Sarwar said,

“In Pakistan, the situation regarding diabetes is alarming. We used to rank 10th in the world in terms of having the highest number of people living with diabetes, but now, the ranking position has reached fourth as the disease has reached epidemic proportions.”

Dr. Sarwar said that it is important to create public awareness in order to prevent and treat diabetes. He said that if people are negligent about it, it can damage many body organs.

Diabetes Department head said that the hospital will start an awareness program to control and prevent the disease.

Polyclinic spokesman Dr. Sharif Astori highlighted the importance of exercise and diet in lowering the likelihood of diabetes.

Dr. Astori said, “A healthy, balanced diet and regular physical activity are imperative for diabetes management.

He also called for lifestyle interventions to improve insulin sensitivity and blood lipid profiles and help lower high blood sugar levels.

“A healthy, balanced diet and regular physical activity are imperative for diabetes management,” he said.

Dr Astori warned obesity increased the chances of developing the common type of diabetes.

Later, a walk was held to highlight the need for adoption of preventive measures against diabetes and early diagnosis of the disease.

The head of the Diabetes Department said the hospital was going to begin an awareness programme for diabetes control and prevention. He said exercise lowered blood glucose levels and boosts the body’s sensitivity to insulin, countering insulin resistance and thus, benefitting people with diabetes.

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