Worlds Most Durable Fabric Jacket Introduced, Stronger Than Steel (video)

The jacket is so strong that it cannot pass through the bullet fired by Kalashnikov.

Vollebak, a British start-up company that makes awesome and amazing costumes, has introduced a new jacket that he claims is 15 times stronger than steel.

The fabric used in its manufacture is made of thread called “dynamo”, while the dynamo is a fiber that is used for bulletproof jackets, explosion-protected military vehicles, heavy anchors on ships and oil. The well is used to hold the steel barrel in the wells. This fiber is 15 times stronger than steel, which is why “Vollebak” says its jacket is stronger than steel.

Due to its extraordinary durability and strength, this new jacket has been called “an unstable puffer”, which means a soft and flowing jacket that cannot be torn and no holes can be made.

By the way, it weighs 2.5 kilograms, just like any other puffer jacket but is unparalleled in its strength and durability. This jacket is so strong that even a sharp knife for military use cannot drill into it. To prove this claim, “Wolfback” has also released a short video

The company is founded by two twin British brothers Nick and Steve Tidball who, like other sectors, want to integrate the apparel industry into the future.

First, his company has developed extremely strong raincoats, shirts made of griffin, color changing jackets, 100-year non-bursting pants, t-shirts made from plants and algae and sun-charged jackets. All products are available for sale on this company’s website.

Not only does Kalashnikov’s bullet stop him, he says, but it also keeps your body warm in the cold. It has a starting price of $ 995, which is more than half a million Pakistani rupees.

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