A Port-Less iPhone is Coming in 2021: Report

Rumor the 2021 Apple iPhone will have no charging port, and therefore no ports at all. According to reputed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the “highest-end” 2021 iPhone will ditch the Lightning port in order to offer a “completely wireless experience.”

That would mean the only way to charge this iPhone is wirelessly, and there’s no way to plug in a dongle to use wired headphones., as everything you do with a cable right now will have to be performed wirelessly including backing up and syncing your iPhone.

This isn’t extremely different from today. The iPhone has had wireless charging for a couple of generations now, so many people over the world already place their phone on a charging pad overnight instead of plugging it in.

wireless charger

Then there’s the fact wireless charging isn’t very fast, particularly on the iPhone. Apple uses the Qi system for wireless charging, but the power rating is just 7.5W compared to double that, 15-watts, on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, for instance. This effectively means your iPhone takes at least twice as long to charge up wirelessly as it would with even Apple’s puny 5-watt wired charger, which came with every iPhone until the 11 series.

The idea of a port-less phone is not new. We have already seen some port-less devices like the Vivo Apex 2019 which was just a concept and the Meizu Zero that ended up being a marketing stunt.

However, the 2021 iPhone might be one of the first-ever production devices (certainly the first iPhone) to ditch all ports to offer a completely wireless experience.

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