FBR all set to get in agreement with traders from next week

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Chairman Syed Shabbar Zaidi has announced that the process for implementation of agreement with traders will initiate from next week.

The FBR chairman did a tweet saying,

“Committees represented by the traders of each area/ market, covering the whole country will be notified”.

“Traders and FBR will work together for registration. A new beginning,” he added.

Former, FBR chairman had said that the joint committees would be responsible for the registration of traders, dispute resolution and other functions as decided in the agreement with bodies of traders.

The committee is part of the 11-point agreement signed between the federal government and the traders.

 As per the agreement, a special desk would be set up at FBR for the speedy resolution of traders’ problems. An officer of BPS 20-21 would be appointed to hold meetings with traders’ representatives on monthly basis.

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