Now Copy-Paste From Chrome Desktop To Mobile…

Google recently introduced a new feature that lets Android smartphone users use their smartphones as a means to send texts or web pages to devices that are linked to your Google account.

If you’re a Chrome 79 user, you can now copy lines of any article then can send it on your smartphones. There are a few steps that you need to follow to make it work.


  1. Download Chrome Canary’s latest build on both your PC (Windows, macOS) and Android phone.
  2. Visit chrome://flags page
  3. Search for clipboard.
  4. Select “Enabled” for the following three flags
  • Enable receiver device to handle shared clipboard feature
  • Enable shared clipboard feature signals to be handled
  • Sync Clipboard service
  • Once you enable those flags, it will ask you to relaunch your Chrome browser.
  • Relaunch the browser and select some texts,
  • right-click on the selected text to bring the context menu.
  • The first option in the context menu is Send text your devices.
  • Hover your cursor to the option and chose the smartphone you want to send the text to.
On your Android phone:
  1. Open Chrome Canary.
  2. Select any piece of text by tapping and holding it.
  3. Tap on Share > Choose “Send text to your devices” option.
  4. Next, select the device from the list.

After that, a notification will appear on your PC and the text will be automatically copied to your Windows clipboard (or macOS’ clipboard). So, you can simply paste it anywhere on your PC.

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