Hamza Ali Abbasi Returns to Showbiz in New Way

Former actress Hamza Ali Abbasi, who recently said good bye to showbiz industry, is returning to showbiz in a new way, confirmed by Humayun Saeed.

Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi surprised his fans with a video message last month saying goodbye to the acting. Hamza Ali Abbasi said he would now live his life in accordance with Islam and spread the message of Islam. But now Humayun Saeed has confirmed Hamza Ali Abbasi’s return to the showbiz.

In an interview to an international website, Humayun Saeed talked about his friend and fellow actor Hamza Ali Abbasi’s decision to take the show off, saying that Hamza had been thinking of becoming a scholar for a while. Had also started studying.

Humayun Saeed said that in fact Hamza Ali Abbasi had decided to say goodbye to the showbiz for some time. But in the future, they will appear in the roles of patriotism and spirituality. In addition, Hamza Ali Abbasi is stepping into the field of directing

Humayun Saeed said that I am planning to make a film on the subject of patriotism, which will be directed by Hamza Ali Abbasi. Almost everything cpmplete except the project reference name.

It is clear that Humayun Saeed is a successful producer as well as a successful producer. His recently produced drama ‘mere pass tum ho’ has been a flag of success.

In addition, Humayun Saeed has been a co-producer of ‘I am Shahid Afridi’, ‘Jawani Nahin Aani’ and ‘Jawani Nahin Aani 2’.

Via: web news

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