Thousands of vehicles have been registered in Punjab as illegal, but how did this address?

Thousands of vehicles are operating in Punjab with illegal registration. Team of the Punjab Excise and Taxation Department allegedly changed the department’s software and changed the records of the vehicles in several categories.

According to the report, most cases are of 2017 when all the computer data of the department was centralized and activated. This was revealed when the digital audits of the department were made. During the course of the investigation, the investigators found a disturbance.

As soon as the situation is resolved, the Director Lahore Motor Branch has issued a memorandum asking all commercial vehicle owners to verify the vehicles from the Punjab Vehicle Inspection and Certification System before the new registration.

According to the report, thousands of LPT series vehicles have been registered illegally under this procedure. New fake copies of vehicles have been produced and smuggled to other provinces or cities for this purpose.

In the cases, sedans have been added to the truck, bus and mazdaqi categories. Fake identification cards, certificates have been used during this scam.

Not only have stolen and smuggled vehicles been concealed with the help of fake copies, but their engines and chassis. Numbers have also been changed to new ones.

Via: web desk

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