15 Pakistan-born candidates and total 24 Muslims emerge successful in UK elections

On Cold December and as result of 2019 election, The number of Muslim MPs chosen for Parliament ascend to another record of 24. Around three million Muslims now live in Britain, making them the second largest faith group after the Christians.

“The Conservative Party believes in giving opportunity and empowering people, that is what we are here for,” she told The National. “The main reason why Muslims vote for Boris Johnson is he is the only one who’s going to deliver Brexit. A vote to any other party is just going to bring even more delay.”

According to details, Conservative Party’s Sajid Javid has returned as the MP for Bromsgrove and increased his already majority by 6,533 votes.

Labour Party’s Naz Shah has claimed victory for consecutive third time from Bradford West while Khalid Mahmood has also retained his seat as Birmingham MP.

Meanwhile, Labour Party’s Yasmin Qureshi has managed to hold on to Bolton South East whereas Conservative candidate Rehman Chishti and Labour’s Imran Hussain have also won elections in their respective constituencies.

Labour Party candidates Zara Sultana and Tahir Ali have bagged votes in Coventry South and Birmingham Hall Green, respectively.

Moreover, success was also faced by Saqib Bhatti in Meridian.

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