“Condé Nast Traveler” World’s best luxury travel magazine, marked Pakistan at top for holiday destinations for 2020

The listing points 20 special excursion destinations, and Pakistan has been listed as variety one for journey travel.

It has been compiled preserving in mind the locations are geographically diverse, ranging from eco-tourism to adventure, to inspire each type of traveler.

This is a welcome signal for Pakistan which has viewed an inflow in worldwide tourists and journey bloggers in current times.

The magazine’s top three destinations are Pakistan, Plymouth in UK and Kyrgyzstan.

Condé Nast Traveler terms Pakistan as a must-visit region for adventure travellers. Owing to the comfortable visa restrictions and high-profile royal visit, pakistan is finally getting the focus it deserves, reads the article.

Jonny Bealby, founder and CEO of adventure-tour operator Wild Frontiers told the magazine that a center of attention on protection measures and Imran Khan’s efforts to increase international traveller numbers are already yielding results.

The magazine says people should visit Pakistan because it is a place of exquisite landscapes.

“Pakistan has more peaks taller than 22,965ft than China and Nepal combined, making it an almost magnetic spot for adventure travellers and intrepid hikers.”

The article further reads “Visitors can follow in Michael Palin’s steps while traversing the 12,250ft Shandur Pass, home to the world’s highest polo field, or meet with the Kalash people of the Hindu Kush, famed for their cowrie-shell headdresses and brighter-than-bright embroidery.”

It adds “In Lahore, the sight of 100,000 worshippers crammed into the sandstone 17th-century Badshahi Mosque will leave you breathless, while Mughal-era architectural masterpieces stand resplendent on bustling street corners.”

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