Christmas tree ready with “banned” goods seized at the airport

Vilnius Airport, Lithuania Airport authorities this year have developed a strange Christmas tree made of prohibited goods rather than artificial addresses and branches that have been seized by travelers in the past.

It is important to note that in the international civil aviation rules, no passenger can carry lighters, scissors, knives, knives, daggers, or any sharp object in their luggage. Nevertheless, if a passenger arrives at the airport with one of these prohibited items in his luggage, it is immediately confiscated.

Prohibited items like this are kept in the airport warehouse which has no use.

Vilnius Airport officials have arranged not only to deliver a unique way of entertaining travelers at Christmas this year, but also to the knives, lighters, blades and other dangerous goods in the Christmas tree to remind travelers.

Also be careful during your travels and refrain from keeping items in your luggage.

via: web desk

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