New Revolving Dome Being Installed in Masjid ALHARAM

The third major expansion is underway in the mosque, under which six domes will be installed with modern convenience, the largest of which will be the dome, which will be built over Bab Malik Abdullah.

According to the details, construction work on the mosque is going on from day to day, under which a set of six domes will be installed, some of which will be vibrant, the largest of the six domes will be domed. ۔

The dynamic dome will be built over Bab Malik Abdullah and will have a span of 36.5 meters and 21 meters high, the distance from the ground to the roof of the dome will be 80 meters and its total weight will be 860 tons.

80% of third Saudi extension projects related to mosque haram have been completed in Makkah, and all the development projects of mosque haram, including the extension of Mataaf and Shamiah, will be completed in 1444 AH.

Saudi officials say this is a unique project of its kind around the world, where expansion work continues in addition to serving Allah’s guests.

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