In Islamabad, Cops to Don Body Cameras to ‘Restore Public Faith’

Police officers in the government capital will be furnished with body cameras to record experiences with normal residents, suspects, witnesses, and bystanders so the open confidence is reestablished in the law enforcement agency. The video can be utilized as proof at the courts at whatever point need be.

The records help keep all gatherings legitimate and enable them to increase some trust in each other, realizing that anything anybody says about the communication can later be confirmed by authorities.

“These cameras will be connected with the Safe City Project,” Islamabad Inspector General of Police (IGP) Muhammad Aamir Zulfiqar said. “This way, complaints about policemen especially serving at police pickets will be automatically resolved,” he added.

Twenty such cameras will be obtained in the testing stage, which will later be given to cops serving at different police headquarters in the capital city.

Video chronicles of police’s association with the individuals from people in general would drive authorities to act kindly and capably since they are frequently suspect for accepting hush money and being unforgiving with the basic man.

Being little and convenient, body cameras are relied upon to be exceptionally valuable for the police.

via: web news

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