Honda S2000 Resurrected as a Prototype for Its twentieth Anniversary

Honda has revealed this image of the car, based off an AP1-generation S2000, which features an updated exterior, suspension, and audio system.

  • Honda will show a S2000 model at the Tokyo auto salon tuner appear in January to commend the vehicle’s twentieth commemoration.
  • The custom S2000 depends on an AP1-age vehicle (1999–2003) however has a refreshed outside, suspension, and sound framework.
  • The Tokyo auto salon begins on January 10

To commend 20 years of the loved S2000, Honda is reviving the vehicle as a custom model full with elite parts that make it look a piece refreshed. The vehicle will be in plain view at the Tokyo auto salon in January, and we can dare to dream this is an indication that the 9000-rpm screamer will one day make a rebound.

This custom S2000 depends on a vehicle from the AP1 age (1999–2003), fitted with a modernized guard, side ledges, bumpers, and spoiler alongside a refreshed suspension framework. The mirrors and windshield encompass have been painted dark, and the vehicle sits on a lot of 17-inch Advan RZ2 wheels.

The picture shows the likelihood that the inside could stay entire: the red seats appear to be equivalent to or maybe just somewhat unique in relation to the ones in the first S2000. Honda says that it’ll have a refreshed sound framework, however. Since this is a model, these outside bits might get accessible for client buy perhaps in the U.S.

This isn’t the first run through Honda has brought a S2000 resurrected to the Tokyo auto salon. In 2013, Honda brought the chrome plated out S2000 Modulo Climax to the show, yet we’ll be the first to state that vehicle wasn’t as alluring as this one will be.

The Tokyo auto salon starts on January 10, and we’ll present to you a superior takes a gander at this dolled-up model when more pictures are accessible. Bring back the S2000!’

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