Watch Dubai Miracle Garden: A blossoming wonder

Consistently from mid-November to mid-May, a 72,000 sqm space loaded with aromas and hues wakes up. This fantastic experience is one of Cityland’s mark manifestations, Dubai Miracle Garden.

Seeing the garden in full sprout with its 150 million blooms orchestrated in brilliant curves and designs, and the horde shapes they structure, is really great. Dubai Miracle Garden’s amazing finishing has earned two Guinness World Records for the biggest vertical garden in 2013 and world’s biggest botanical figure framing the state of an Airbus A380 in 2016.

Garden won the Tallest Topiary Sculpture on 25 Feb 2018. The 18-meter mold include is Disney’s first character botanical showcase in the Middle East and is produced using just about 100,000 plants and blossoms, and weighs practically 35tons.

Every year Dubai Miracle Garden repeats itself, as we bring an entirely different idea and configuration experience to our guests. The people group has given its very own underwriting with more than 1.5million visitors per year.

FEAT 191105 Miracle Garden AKK-21-1574436156756
The floral heart arches are regularly flooded with visitors trying to get a clear view for a perfect selfie.
FEAT 191105 Miracle Garden AKK-20-1574436159559
castle of blossoms overwhelms the horizon in the focal point of the recreation center drawing guests towards its turrets
FEAT 191105 Miracle Garden AKK-28-1574436130491
FEAT 191105 Miracle Garden AKK-33-1574436120318
The aerial floating lady is one of just many new features in this year’s eighth edition

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