Google fined €150 million by France for …

At the point when you arrive at imposing business model status, for example, Google has plainly accomplished in various zones, for example, search traffic, program share and web based promoting, the guidelines change to some degree in any case, and Google has been especially slow in catching up.

Hopefully, a €150 million ($167 million) fine by the French competition authorities will help Google learn their obligations faster.

The fine stems from a 4-year-old complaint by Gibmedia, a publisher of weather-forecast websites, which said that Google had unfairly blocked it from buying ads.

Google claimed that the company was “deceived people into paying for service” and were placing “exploitative and abusive ads.”

The French competition authority found Google had been acting unfairly by suspending advertisers and needed to clarify its rules with advertisers.

The authority asked Google to stop the “brutal and unjustified” suspension of search advertisers, saying Google should have a system to alert advertisers when they risk suspension from its ads system.

Google for its part stood by its actions and said it would appeal the decision.

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