Mahira Khan’s hilarious video about Pakistani brides going viral

Actress Mahira Khan recently released a video in which she looks very hilarious about how Pakistani brides are like.

Khan is counted among the versatile actors of Pakistan who play such a role so well that the viewer keeps watching his performance.

By the way, Khan has earned fame in the drama serial “Humsafar” by playing the role of a caring and helpless wife, but she also does the comedy role so well that the viewer is forced to laugh.

Recently, a hilarious video has been released of Mahira Khan and social media star Faiza Saleem in which both seem to be talking about brides found in Pakistan.

Some brides are very passionate about their wedding, while some brides try to show people that they do not care about their marriage. Mahira Khan and Fayez Saleem explain the different types of brides in the video.

Mahar Khan also replays the drama serial “Humsafer” Emotional Scene and Most Popular Dialogue “mami yah ap kiya keh rahen hain” in the video.

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