19 years have Passed Since Queen Tarnam Noor Left the World

Queen Tarnam Noor, it’s been 19 year, the queen of hearts left the world on 23 december

Madam Noor, known as Queen Taranam, was born on September 21, 1926, in the family of Kasur’s musicians, and began her film career at the age of nine and soon became a well-known child star.

His real name was Allah Wasai while Noor where he had a movie name, Queen Taranam Noor Jahan sang thousands of songs during his career and also sang national songs during the 1965 Pak-India War.

Over the decades, he played the lead role in 26 Indian and Pakistani films and has sung lyrics and songs for over a thousand films in total, his first song being my first love to my beloved, which was a huge hit. Queen Taranam embarks on a new journey of success.

The Government of Pakistan appreciated his services and also gave him the Presidential Medal of Excellence and mark recognition. Queen Tarnam Noor, who passed away on December 23, 2000, but the voice of her songs still lives on in the hearts of fans

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