Kuwait One Sheep Auction for Rs 200 Million, Video goes viral

An extraordinary volume of sheep has been auctioned in Kuwait for over 40,000 dinars – over Rs 200 million. According to Kuwaiti media, the world’s most expensive white-colored sheep auction was shown live on social media.

Social media users also contributed, but the highest bid was 40,000 dinars. The crowd was handed over to the bidder. It was one of the most unique and unique auctions of its kind

The highlight of the white auction crowd was its volume, which is quite unusual compared to the goats found in Kuwait. The tall, sturdy and meat-filled crowd had gained everyone’s attention, so participants kept bidding.

Kuwait is well known for its valuable and expensive livestock and has made many world records in this regard.

A few days ago a camel named ‘Arnon’ was auctioned in Kuwait for 16 million Kuwaiti dinars (over Rs 8 billion). After this camel was listed as the world’s most expensive camel in the Guinness Book of World Records. 

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