Islamabad CDA Directed Municipal Corporation (IMC) to clean up city

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has discharged pay rates of sanitary workers of Islamabad Municipal Corporation (IMC) and coordinated a quick clean up of the government capital where sanitation staff has been protesting for the last many days.

The protesting workers , be that as it may, guarantee they got just half month pay and no reward and proceed with their fights on different streets of the capital.

The clash of intensity and strife over the dissemination of assets among CDA and IMC has transformed numerous zones of the capital into trash dumps as the sterile laborers had quit performing their responsibilities for as far back as three days over non-installment of compensations.

The IMC representatives having a place with the Christian people group were concerned over how they would observe Christmas with their families with their pockets empty.

Notwithstanding, the sources in the Capital Development Authority (CDA) said that CDA executive had given checks worth Rs300 million on Monday for quick installment of pay rates to the representatives.

The CDA has granted a cleaning agreement to three temporary workers in nine areas of Islamabad.

In the interim, the IMC Director Sanitation Sardar Zamri revealed that the clean laborers had quit laboring for three days owing to non-installment of pay rates. He included that the business sectors and neighborhoods in the government capital have been coverd with heaps of trash.

The official said that a cheque of Rs300 million had been cashed on Monday after which the IMC cleaning staff would be paid Rs15,000 in November’s salary along with Rs5,000 Christmas allowance.

He said that employees receiving salaries were being ordered to go on duties so that the garbage could be removed and the city got cleaned again.

The protesters blocked Kashmir Highway, Jinnah Avenue, Faisal Avenue, and Police Lines Road.

Further, the protesters stated that they were being paid Rs7,500, half of their month to month compensation, after non-installment of pay rates for a quarter of a year.

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