Peshawar to Get its First 3D Cinema on Dec 26

The city’s historic Naz Cinema, which was worked in 1942, is being changed over from a typical venue to a cineplex.

The screen trial of the film has been finished and the work on seating, covering and the cafeteria will be finished in not many days, said Jawad Raza, the proprietor of the film.

“The cinema industry will be on the path to revival with the introduction of this new technology, which will not only satiate the desires of movie lovers to watch films with the latest technology but also provide a pleasant atmosphere to families,” he said.

A Naz Cinema mobile app will also be introduced for the online booking of the tickets.

Raza emphasised on the security for families coming to the cinema. “The cinema is installing 32 secret cameras and hiring security guards who will work around the clock,” he said.

“Most film lovers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa go to cinemas in Islamabad but now families will be able to enjoy movies here only,” Raza claimed. “We have made sure there’s a special area for families where they will be able to comfortably watch movies,” he added.

The film business of KP has been on a decrease for various years now because of terrorist attacks and different reasons. In 2005, Peshawar had 15 films which have been diminished to seven at this point.

The new film plans to bring back the past greatness of the film business.

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