Uber Hosts Capacity-Building Workshop on Shaping Digital Pakistan

A one-day preparing for journalists was composed by Uber at Islamabad Press Club. The worldwide ride-hailing goliath, as a piece of their drive to give attractive advanced abilities to make effective successful freelancers, employees, and entrepreneurs.

Keeping pace with an undeniably computerized world that requires an inside and out comprehension of mechanical patterns and progressions over the globe. The workshop talked about the job of problematic advancements regarding changing the scene of a Digital Pakistan.

Talking at the preparation, Hyder Bilgrami, Head of Communications-Uber, remarked, “With the digital shift challenging old norms, it has become a necessity for the media to acquire skills to keep pace with emerging technologies. Capacity-building initiatives enabling innovation and growth are imperative for the media fraternity to be digitally equipped.”

While giving a review of quickly changing correspondence advancements, the session talked about the requirement for the media to have an inside and out comprehension of developing patterns in the computerized period. With the correct preparing, writers can assume a critical job in the innovative transformation by upgrading society’s status for Digital Pakistan.

“Innovative trends in communication technologies are transforming traditional journalistic practices. New techniques of story-telling have now enhanced reporting styles with multimedia platforms. Using these skills, the media can play an important role in creating a more digitally literate population,” said Shakeel Qarar, President-National Press Club. “We are happy to see initiatives like these aimed at ensuring the journalist community plays an active role in ensuring the digital future of Pakistan.”

journalist providing details regarding different beats including business and IT from print, electronic and advanced mediums were a piece of the workshop. The objective of the preparation was to furnish columnists with attractive computerized abilities that can be transformed into a manageable stream of pay.

Rising innovations have furnished the world with new roads in beating financial issues by disturbing economies and organizations. The correct aptitudes will make employments that can not just enable the economy to develop rapidly through neediness lightening yet in addition improve the nation’s business condition.

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