Mercury Goes Down to – 19 at Babusar Top in Gilgit Baltistan

Gilgit Baltistan area confronting the brunt of the blood turning sour cold and dry climate with mercury goes down to – 19 degree Celsius, media report.

The temperatures in northern zones have additionally dropped to short 19 degree Celsius at Babusar Top, – 18°C at Skardu, – 12°C at Astore, and – 09°C at Gupis, the Pakistan Meteorological Department’s climate projection said.

In the interim thick mist is probably going to win in most plain zones of Punjab and upper Sindh while in hardly any locale of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa during morning and night hours on Thursday (today) the met office conjecture said.

Ice is additionally liable to be seen in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Potohar locale during the period.

Temperature at some significant urban communities of Pakistan recorded at the beginning of today as pursues:

Islamabad and Peshawar two degree Celsius, Lahore six, Karachi 10, Muzaffarabad and Murree 01, Quetta less four and Gilgit less six degree Celsius.

The thick mist covered whole plain regions of Punjab toward the beginning of today with right around no ability to see and significant segments of Motorway have been shut for all sort of traffic, authorities said.

As per a Motorway police representative, M-3 from Lahore to Abdul Hakeem and M-4 from Pindi Bhattian to Sham Kot have been shut.

The city of Rawalpindi also the bordering regions have been overwhelmed by thick haze. The perceivability go in the territory has brought down to 10 meters as the traffic police has exhorted the residents to utilize haze lights while driving. Thick mist could influence the flight plan at the Islamabad air terminal.

The M-5 from Multan to Sukkur has likewise been shut attributable to thick haze.

The representative has prompted the workers to look for data from Helpline 130 preceding going on these segments of the Motorway.

Climate stayed dry and cold in many pieces of the nation while freezing in upper regions.

Toward the beginning of today the most reduced least temperatures were recorded at Skardu – 18°C, Astore – 12°C, Gupis – 09°C, Bagrote – 08°C, Kalat, Kalam – 07°C, Hunza, Gilgit – 06°C, Parachinar – 05°C, Quetta – 04°C, Dir and Rawlakot – 03°C.

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