Homeless Pakistani Tried to Steal £1k of Perfume from Shop to Send Money Home

Rizwan Ashraf, who had fled to the UK from the South Asian nation, went into the Leicester Highcross part of the chain and sneaked items into a pack he had carried with him.

Subsequent to taking a couple of things without anybody stopping him, he stacked up his pack and made for the exit.

Be that as it may, security monitors had been viewing Ashraf on CCTV and confined him outside the store. Inside his sack were fragrances worth simply over £1,100.

At Leicester Magistrates’ Court on Friday, the 28-year-old, who is looking for refuge in the UK, conceded to robbery.

Examiner Sukhy Basi stated: “The respondent entered the store and was seen on CCTV to get things and spot them in an individual sack.

“Man told the officials who kept him he needed to raise some money so he could send some cash back to Pakistan since his mom was sick. “He chose to take aromas since he figured they would be anything but difficult to offer to ladies.

“His aim was to move toward ladies in the road and offer to sell them. He said he had never done this. “He said he was anxious and when nobody moved toward him in the store he kept on placing things in his pack.”

Jagvir Sangherre, speaking to Ashraf, who had a mediator for the meeting, explained how his customer had burned through £13,000 to escape Pakistan and come to England as a haven searcher.

“He went to the UK since he dreaded oppression because of his own conditions,” said Mr Sangherre.

“His own family walked out on him because of his exercises in Pakistan and they distributed in a paper they don’t had anything to do with him, thus he was detached.

“He landed in the UK and is disallowed from working, denied from benefits, doesn’t have any settlement and he hadn’t eaten for two days. “He is upset for what occurred. He feels regretful. He’s allowed himself to down.”

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