Animated, Interactive Digital Books May Help kids Learn Better

In terms of children remembering their contents, digital books may have a few advantages over normal books, according to a new study. Animations, particularly those that are based on verbal interactions, can improve significantly the reminder of story details, but they must be done correctly.

The study by Erik Thiessen at Mellon University in Carnegie measured the reminder of 30 children between 3 and 5 years of age after reading an ordinary storybook or one with each page animations.

All children’s books should not be animated. Traditional books will always have their own advantages and these digital advances do not help much when you reach the image-book stage.

Rather, it means showing the importance of digital books and the significance of the library of children. Nonetheless, it is vital to develop and refine the digital apps to boost learning, and work must be carried out to determine exactly how this is done best.

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