Pakistan Among the top Five Countries with the Highest Air Pollution Mortality rate: Study

Life expectancy of children born today will be decreased by average air pollution by 20 months and will have the largest impact in South Asia.

Air contamination is the fifth leading cause of early death worldwide responsible for more death than malaria, road accidents, malnutrition or alcohol according to a report from the United States Health effects Institute and University of British Columbia.

Nevertheless, it warns that “the reduction of life expectancy is not fairly dealt with,” as children in South Asia will be shortened by 30 months as the air pollution and the indoor air are combined.

Amid State measures to lower pollution levels, China remained responsible for nearly 852,000 pollution-related deaths in 2017 at its highest mortality rate due to air pollution.

Asia, China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia and Bangladesh, are all among the top 5 countries with the highest death rate due to air pollution.

In 2017, the study estimates global emissions losses of 147 million years of healthy life.

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