First Electric Cars is Delivered by TESLA in CHINA

In the world’s largest new car market, Tesla manufactures electric cars. On Monday, according to the CNN, the Silicon Valley auto manufacturer delivered the first cars to CNN employees from a new plant in China.

Just 15 workers in this first batch received Tesla Model 3 electric vehicles. Wang Hao, Tesla China General Manager, told CNN that Tesla’s employees would receive more cars during the next few days, whereas other customers would start to receive cars next month.

During an event celebrates first delivers, Wang Hao said. Tesla has previously reserved for customers the first examples of new models.

The plant in Shanghai was finished according to CNN in 10 months.

According to the news network, a handful of cars were assembled in the test production program from October. Such vehicles have been delivered to Tesla stores in China to test drive and will not be sold to the public for potential customers.

Project cars are a common practice in the automotive industry as part of a trial run for a new plant. These cars are usually used for public relations or testing before dismantling.

Since 25 October, Tesla has been taking Model 3 orders in China.

Mode S and Model X are already marketed by the Company to electric vehicles which are designed and shipped to China in Fremont, California. An important step for Tesla is increased local efficiency.

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