How did Imran Khan Respond to Bollywood’s film Offering? Video viral

A video of Prime Minister Imran Khan going viral on social media is an old interview he gave to Indian TV which he gave in 2006. As can be seen in the video, Imran Khan is interviewing in a very friendly environment.

The host of the show during the interview awkwardly asked Imran Khan why don’t you work in Bollywood? At the same time, the host said: Has anyone ever asked you this question? When asked by the host, a smile was put on Imran Khan’s face and he said, “You will not believe it. I was surprised to hear that a Bollywood actor asked me to work in films.” ۔

Imran Khan said, I was surprised to hear that because I play cricket, how can anyone ask me to work in films even I have never acted in school dramas? The show’s host said that your personality is suitable for acting, but Imran Khan rejected the idea of ​​working in Bollywood films.

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