Students of Madrassah won a Robotics Competition at Taxila University

Jamia Baitul Salam students took part in the HITEC University Taxila Education Concursion. The students from Madrassa won the competition for robotics by defeating competitors from 20 other universities.

Not only did the brilliant Jamia Baitul salam students also win the Urdu speech and bee spells competition held in HITEC the same day. It indicates that not only the normal students, but those studying in a madrassa display intellect and talent.

Madrassas are often viewed by local people with very troubling assumptions, and are generally known to provide the community only with religious education.

The glory of this Islamic institution proved, however, that intellect, knowledge and Pakistan are exceedingly luminous and creative.

An interuniversity event that includes various curriculum-based and co-curriculum competitions is organized every year by the HITEC University. In various activities, more than 20 educational institutions participate. Robofiesta is one of the event’s most highlights.

Jamia Baitul Salam is one of the most prominent educational institutions for Islamic welfare, giving its students worldly knowledge in the shadow of faith.

The Institute provides students with both enrollment and O-level education. The students enrolled have an outstanding intellect and won competitions across Pakistan.


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