A joint Venture by Apple, Google and Amazon to make Your Homes Smart

Apple, Amazon and Google have expressed interest in a joint venture for Internet-connected homes and smart homes.

The three companies will work on open source standards for Internet-connected home and research on a number of key hardware, including smart speakers.

Although no agreement has been reached so far, analysts initially say the three companies will work closely with ‘ZigBee Alliance’. In addition, Samsung, ikea and other companies will play their part.

According to the technology review, if the work goes ahead, it will accelerate home automation and automation. At this time, all the inventions and hardware being created under IoT, the Internet of Things, work under the same system as the standards of one company are very different from another.

Apple, Amazon and Google companies want to create uniform standards and protocols to address the public’s security concerns about smart homes.

This is because door cameras and other systems can still be easily hacked. Then comes the FIVE G technology, which will make it even easier to perform destructive operations in smart homes.

Technology-observers say that if the IoT and smart home are to work, the market is vast, but it will have to adopt stringent security standards.

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