18,749 Liters of Milk in Lahore Adulterated by PFA

Punjab Food Administration (PFA) released thousands of liters of adulterated milk into various areas of the city, according to media report.

According to information from the PFO officers, in different cities, understandard milk has been caught. In several cities of the province, during operation, 1,817 vehicles loaded with milk were checked.

We added that 18,749 liters of milk had been found to be adulterated and therefore discarded.

The PFA had confiscated more than 5000 liters of counterfeited milk and raw material during a raid on Arif Wala in a separate action during the month of September last year.

The Punjab Food Authority had broken down an attempt, by raiding a vehicle in the area, to transfer falsified milk from Arif Wala to Lahore.

The vehicle owner and driver saw the team manage to run away, said Punjab Food Authority’s director general.

PFA sealed five restaurants at the motorway service inspections in Lahore on 22 April and threw fine five restaurants.

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