Orient Director Launched his Own Brand “Reason Electronics”

The Sales and Marketing Officer of Orient Abdul Rehman Talat has left his position to launch his company “Reason Electronics” for e-commerce. Mr. Talat himself has confirmed the name and reason of his new enterprise.

Reason Electronics is going to be an E-commerce only brand. We will provide high-end electronic appliances to the customers at economical rates. Through Reason online store, we will remove the third-party platforms, including distributions and outlets which contribute a significant proportion in the pricing of electronic appliances. By cutting this intermediary, we will pass the margin of the distribution to the customers and hence the price will decrease automatically. The consumer will have direct contact with us even after the sale, and through this contact, we will enhance the after-sale services.

E-commerce Only Brand

Mr. Talat launched the Orient Appliances E-commerce module. The E-commerce division of the East flourished during his tenure. Today, Orient is the number one online appliance brand in Pakistan on the scale of electronic commerce. Mr. Abdul Rehman has also claimed that Reason will surpass Orient in the next year.

In the development of technology in Pakistan Mr. Abdul Rehman Talat holds multifaceted patents His development dedication is not restricted to the national level alone. In reality, he initiated major changes in the home equipment industry at the beginning of his career. Mr. Talat, the “East entertainer refrigerator” was introduced to Orient’s first refrigerator with an inbuilt LED TV.

In Orient appliances he also launched Mevris applications. This strategy was a landmark in making Pakistan the world’s fastest-growing IOT industry and the first IoT-powered appliance company in Pakistan, Orient Electronics.

In addition, Mr. Talat developed a language television software, including Urdu. These clever features add massive value to traditional household equipment which translates East into Living Innovation from Pehli Chahat.

Talat will remain in the board of directors of Orient Electronics and pay full attention to this new undertaking.

Working as director sales and marketing at Orient Electronics was an excellent and extremely professional experience for me. However, in mega brands such as Orient, bringing innovation in the market can consume a long duration of approximately three years starting from conceiving the idea till bringing it in customers’ homes. In today’s world, this is any other startup that can easily disrupt you in this extensive tenure. With Reason Electronics we intend to do the same by squeezing the go-to-market strategy from three years to three months using state of the art technology.

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