Snow in Karachi: Winterland WITH -10 launched in Karachi(video)

The people of Karachi will be able to experience snowfall this winter without leaving the city’s limitations. Winterland in Karachi has opened its doors to the public on the 4th of January.

The first-of – a-kind winter wonderland in Karachi will give visitours, as well as other winter-themed attractions, an opportunity to enjoy live snowfall at a low temperature.

The park is open to all ages. In addition, the air force of Pakistan (PAF) Museum in Shahrah-e-Faisal is located within the splendid and well-maintained city, making it easy to reach from all over the world.

Reason to Visit Winterland?

Main features of Winterland Pakistan

Here is a list of major attractions you can enjoy at Winterland.

  • Ice play area
  • Live snowfall
  • Ice slides
  • Ice sculptures
  • Merry snow round
  • Ice air hockey
  • Bumper cars

As its name suggests, the ice playing area allows people to jump around and play in the snow while ice slides encourage ticket-holders to slide down their slopes and curves as many times as they want while sitting safely on a rubber seat.

The fantasy arcade features a spectacular ice sculpture of famous cartoons and characters for children. You can even take refuge in an igloo from the ice.

The live snowfall in Karachi, which is created with high pressurised and fine air as per its website is one of the most exciting elements of the winterland. It ensures that the snow is 100% natural and not fake. So if you ever dreamt of playing in the snow with your friends or fighting a snowball, this is your opportunity!

The park is open seven days a week and after purchasing your ticket, visitors can enjoy all activities in Winterland. Only for one session that lasts 60 minutes is one ticket valid.

While it’s an icy twist on a classic Merry Go Round, the Merry Snow Round. You can also play with your fellow competitors and take part in an ice-air hockey tournament or zip in the bubble cars while gliding across the edible board.


Winterland, the first indoor snow park in Karachi, will open its doors to the public on January 4th.

Winterland Timings: Monday – Sunday2:00 PM to 10:00 

The first session starts at 3:00 PM and the last session ends at 11:00 PM. Each session is an hour-long.

Winterland Location: Pakistan Air Force Museum, near Gate 4, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Faisal Cantt., Karachi.


Regular Ticket Price: PKR 2,000 (including all activities + hooded jacket + gloves).

Remember that all tickets are not available on arrival and must be booked on line. Also, at least 10 minutes before its session begins, all ticket holders must report to the booking office.

The entry into Winterland of Karachi is free of charge for children under the age of 2. As for the jacket and other rental equipment, according to the official website, they are subject to availability.


The management of Winterland in Karachi has introduced some rules to ensure the comfort and safety of their visitors.

  • All ticket-holders must be wearing long trousers and socks. Given the sub-zero temperature inside the winter wonderland in Karachi, it is compulsory to wear warm clothing.
  • Pregnant women as well as children and adults suffering from a cold, allergies or any other medical condition, have been advised not to enter the snow chambers at Winterland.
  • Visitors are strictly prohibited from bringing eatables, cigarettes, firearms, inflammable objects and weapons of any sort inside the park. 

It is important to note that first aid services are available at the premises in case of an emergency.

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