A Smaller, Cheaper Version of Qoobo, the Robotic Cat Pillow, is on the way

One of the major starting points of the discussion is the robotic cat pillow. At first sight, it makes little sense: a round, fur-covered pillow wagging as it is being animaled.

Nevertheless, this is a dry, silent comfort for people in a country with a growing population such as Japan, who are unable to afford the time or expense of a real pet.

Yukai Engineering also debuted Petit Qoobo at CES next week for those who could not bear Qoobo’s price (currently listed as $149 plus $50 shipping on Amazon). The bases are the same, but the younger sibling of Qoobo is around half the size and is more than half the price.

A version of the smaller pillow is still in use and a crowdfunding campaign was launched in March for Japan. Shipments will be made via Amazon and Yukai’s site sometime in the fall.

Besides a petting assisted tail wag, the final version has a sound recognition microphone and some haptic feedback for the occasionally rumbler, so that you know that the little cat is still jumping.

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