Controversial Harem Shah’s Announcement to Leave Pakistan to Canada; From ‘Aalma’ to TikTok star

Controversial tiktok star Harem Shah has announced that she is moving canada.

Harem Shah, atiktok star who has gained fame for sharing controversial videos with politicians, has been shaking in Pakistani politics for the past two months. Harem Shah caught the attention of Pakistani media when video of her outing in the Foreign Office went viral.

But the video of Harem Shah’s live call with Sheikh Rasheed caused a riot in Pakistan.

Later, the video of Harim Shah along with the provincial minister Fayyazul Hassan Chauhan also went viral on social media.

Haram Shah has become the most controversial woman in Pakistan due to a scandal with political ministers even as he is known as the second Kandil Baloch.

who is she ?

Hareem Shah is from the Kyber Pakhtunkhwa province but is now a resident of Islamabad. Her parents hold government jobs and she has three sisters and three brothers. The TikTok celebrity is an M.Phil student in Competitive Religion.

In a recent interview to a website, Harim Shah said that she was not intimidated or threatened by anyone. Asked by the host that you and your friend Sandal Khattak are currently in Pakistan to which Harem Shah said, we are currently in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

How she Ranged the Pakistani Parliament?

In the same interview, she said that she has met Imran Khan a number of times. In the interview, she also revealed that one of her aunts was a senator whose office she visited in order to try and understand how things worked at the Pakistani parliament.

During the interview, Harim Shah also confirmed that Haem Shah is not her real name but her real name is something else

Another aspect that people are questioning is the lavish lifestyle of Hareem and Sundal. From travelling in first-class to staying in 5-star hotels in various countries, “where does she get the money from?


Hareem said I do not have the support of my family. They do not like this at all. I do not care about anybody but my family. They are very rigid and they will never accept it.

Hareem Shah’s father broke into tears and made an apology for those who had been hurt and humiliated by the controversial videos of his daughter, which included prominent personalities.

He further added “I sent her to the standard religious institute where she completed her education with good marks and became Aalma… I did everything I could do as a father, but she disappointed me.”

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