Jazz Successfully Conducts 5G Tests

Fifth generation mobile technology has been tested successfully by Jazz. The 5 G jazz experiments aimed to test enhanced network performance through this technology in an attempt to lead the digitalizing journey in Pakistan.

5 G will meet the evolving needs of future customers when launched.

These trials were carried out in Islamabad, Jazz’s Virtual Headquarters, where an average download of 1425 Mbps and uploads were achieved with speeds of 68 Mbps.

Jazz CEO Amir Ibrahim, talking about the successful 5G trials, said, “We are pleased with the initial 5G trials and are ready to fast track the technology across Pakistan, whenever the process gets initiated by the government.  These trials showcase our commitment towards a digital Pakistan, which is why we have been the frontrunners in deploying the latest mobile technology.” 

“Successful conclusion of these 5G trials is a matter of pride for us as we have always strived to provide the latest technologies to the masses,” said Jazz CTO Khalid Shehzad. “Our network is spread throughout Pakistan and once the pre-requisites are set for the commercial launch of 5G in the country, Jazz will ensure no one is left behind in attaining the benefits this next-gen technology will offer.” 

As Ookla confirms through its Speedtest AwardTM which the operator had received three times in a line, jazz is already Pakistan’s fastest mobile network. Such findings have been announced after Ookla compared user-initiated testing of all major mobile operators in Pakistan with the SpeedTest application. Jazz also leads the production of ecosystem use cases for the good of the people.

On the back of these achievements, Jazz is clearly ready to offer 5G’s game-changing potential whenever the government allows for the commercial launch.

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