Pakistan’s Very First Electric Car Showroom had been Inaugurated

On Sunday, Pakistan opened its first showroom for electric cars. The company registered under the name Topsun Motors is introducing the electric cars.

Mian Muhammad Rasheed, provincial Punjab minister for housing, urban development and public health infrastructure, also participated in this ceremony. Also present at the event was Malik Riaz, managing director of Topsun Motors.

Electric vehicles will soon be on the roads with the joint effort of both countries. Mian Muhammad supports the private sector’s efforts to protect the environment from pollution tension. According to him, Pakistan’s technological progress will go ahead with this healthy move. Muhammad Rasheed also said these projects would establish a long-term bond between China and Pakistan

The advisory has further confirmed that the manufacturing company Electric Motorcycle and Rickshaw will soon start up in Pakistan. Yes, this turn into a safer and greener Pakistan will be paved the way. The electric vehicle reservation is now available.

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