Al-Tamimi Group of Saudi Arabia Intends to Invest in Pakistan

PM Khan welcomed the Al-Tamimi Group in Saudi Arabia’s investment in Pakistan’s food processing, animal husbandry, meat and dairy sectors.

Speaking to Sheik Tariq Ali Abdullah, Chairman of the Al-Tamimi Group, the PM highlighted the Government’s reforms to make it easy for potential investors to operate on a one-door basis.

He said Pakistan is blessed with 12 climate zones and conducive to a variety of agriculture, fruit and milk production, as well as fisheries.

The prime ministry also said that the government focuses on research and development with the help of private investors to improve productivity and increase exports.

He also stated that the government was working on establishing export-oriented grading and standardisation of indigenous fruits including apple, peach, mango and citrus to meet the international demands as these fruits were widely acclaimed for their quality and taste.

Al Tamimi Group’s Chairman appreciated the measures taken by the government towards achieving economic stability and growth.

International organisations such as the World Bank also rated Pakistan among the world’s top 10 business climate improvers.

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