Faisalabad Safe City Project Under Obstacles

Although funds were not release, work on the Faisalabad Safe City Project stopped.

The project, which began three years ago, was built on 19 land channels at Faisalabad industrial town’s Tariq Mujahid Police Line. The initiative aimed to monitor the increase of road crime in the city and protect residents ‘ lives and property.

It was launched on 24 May 2017 following the pattern of the Lahore project. The project’s total cost is Rs157.12 million. The government of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) issued Rs80 million for construction of the building, the basement and the first floor.

The project consists of four floors, which had been completed within one year but was stopped in June 2018 due to a lack of funds. The Punjab Building Department asked for the remaining Rs 70 millions to be released in one year to complete the project.

The project will mount approximately 7,000 cameras on different roads throughout the area.A total of 500 LCDs had to be mounted to track these cameras but the money spent on the project has been lost because of the lack of funding. It seems rather difficult to protect the city with cameras.

In addressing the lack of funds for the project, Regional Police Officer Riffat Mukhtar Raja, of the Faisalabad Safe City Project told the media that work began before he took over the project and that funds were not made available because of financial constraints.

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