First-Ever Selfie Museum Opens,Check it ut where is it?

The Selfie Kingdom (TSK), Dubai’s first auto museum, has been opened to photographers of all ages. TSK is an immersive space close to the Exposition 2020 site aimed at encouraging creativity, music, architecture and promoting digital content.

There are currently 15 pop-up rooms with colorful and exclusive backdrops and proper lighting for the customers. Every few months, the rooms would be remodelled to provide a new, photo-friendly interior design. It will also feature unique exhibits / installations by various artists, designers and innovators.

“The Selfie Kingdom contributes to the spirit of the UAE,” said Rania Naffa, Chief Happiness Officer and Founder. “TSK provides an interactive photo-friendly social space that promotes art, creativity and a place for our guests to express themselves freely and have fun while doing it. We want everyone to be part of this entertaining experience and create some amazing memories,” added Rania.

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