PTI Launches ‘Zindagi’ App to Control Drugs Abuse

The use of mobile telephones leads to the danger of drugs and child abusses, both of which have become “cranky,” Prime Minister Imran Khan said.

He commented during the Zindagi app launch in Islamabad, which the PTI government introduced in an effort to stop the infiltration of narcotics in society.

The Mobile App provides information on drug usage hazards.

“We are using technology to spread awareness about the issue but unfortunately, the use of mobile phones is giving rise to the problem of child abuse and use of drugs,” said Premier Imran.

He urged all actors, including parents, teachers and religious scholars, to play their part in raising awareness of both problems.

“The both issues have devastating impact on our society but unfortunately our society is ignorant about this,” he added.

“Previously the drugs were only consumed at university level but now we are hearing that it’s has been used by school students too which is quite shocking,” he said.

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