Sunlight Protector Shades Introduced for Front Car Seats,Check it Out

The automotive division of Bosch has developed a visual Virtual Visor, which automatically darks so that the sun can not reach your eyes and leave your line of sight relatively clean.

The CES 2020 Innovation Awards honored this artificial intelligent technology as best in innovation.

The Virtual Visor is a flat, rectangular, hexagonal LCD screen which looks as if it were a digital beehive. It filters down like a standard sunscreen from space right on top of the windshield. When it’s down you see the outside world, but not the vanity mirror of your heart.

Its cabin-facing camera detects facial features, like the nose and the mouth, and it also knows if the sun is casting a shadow on your face.

Bosch Virtual Visor

These puzzle pieces are assembled by artificial intelligence. The device measures wherever the sun shines and tints individual hexagons to prevent yourselves and yours from being blinded by the sunlight.

It is much safer because the hexes do not obstruct the sun, so you can see them through. The sunglasses are much more like a traditional sun visor and the visor is far safer.

“We discovered early in the development that users adjust their traditional sun visors to always cast a shadow on their own eyes. This realization was profound in helping simplify the product concept, and fuel the design of this technology,” explained Jason Zink, one of the Virtual Visor’s co-creators.

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