What is CES 2020? What to Expect from the Annual Tech Bonanza

What is CSE 2020?

Each month of January in Las Vegas, once short for Consumers Electronics Show the annual trade show revolves around new developments in the world of consumer electronics. But as the trade show, CES does not have to request an invitation to the Las Vegas Convention Center in advance, so participants need to apply their credentials.

A myriad of announcements at the show itself but before CES officially kicked off, some companies have made big announcements, including Samsung, which unveiled two new affordable phones: The Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy Note 10 Lite.

When is CES 2020?

CES 2020 will start on 5 January with a handful of opening talks, but the fun will not start until the name of the household will go to the stage to showcase their most recent hardware in a media keynote invitation on 6 January.

The show floor will be opened on January 7 for all participants until January 10.

A map of the vast floor covering several hotels over several blocks is already available.

What trends will we see at CES 2020?

If there’s one thing we can count on seeing at CES 2020, it’s an abundance of 5G hardware be it cellular-connected refrigerators, televisions, or vehicles.

We can also expect that Artificial Intelligence will become a major focus, as it was at CES 2019, and that 8 K slew television will be introduced.

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At CES, any interesting new release will give us a sneak peak. For starters, Roomba / security combination cameras might soon be your way. In the meantime, Luke Larsen Computing Editor predicts a surge of dual-screen PCs.

Including electric trucks, 3D-printed vehicles, and in-car entertainment for self-driving cars, foldable smartphones from the mainstream manufacturers, like LG and Samsung. Instead, Gaskin foresees some from little-known Chinese brands, including Oppo and Vivio.

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