2543 Govt Officers Names Removes from Benazir Income Support Programme

Several of the top government officials in the provinces and federations also benefited from the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP).

In an appalling statement the TV channel stated that more than two thousand high-level public servants have been included, which the government has recently removed from the BISP database, a social protection programme.

In a December press conference, Special Assistant to Prime Minister Sania Nishtar reported that the government decided to evict 820, 165 citizens unmerited from the Benazir income support database.

The opposition parties criticized the decision and the President Bilawal Bhutto of the People’s Party asked the government to withdraw from the decision.

According to details overall 2543 government officials of Grade-17 to Grade-21 were receiving the BISP income support tri-monthly handouts, meant for the poor segments of the society.

Several officials collected money on behalf of their wives and other family members listed in the list of individuals entitled to income support.

Balochistan is the province with a record of 741 government officials collecting income support funds.

Sindh had 342 Grade 18 government officials registered as income support qualified persons.

Three government officers of Grade-21 were among the list of the beneficiaries of the social protection programme.

Countrywide 59 government officers of Grade-20 and 429 Grade-19 officers were enlisted as beneficiaries of the BISP. Six officers of Benazir Income Support Programme were also among the people getting these handouts for poor, according to the details.

Moreover, 1240 government officers of Grade-17 were also getting benefit of the social protection scheme.

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